Video Flashback to St. Moritz

About a month ago, I wrote a post (my very first, so go easy on me) about what we did in St. Moritz. Back then it was text only; however, since surfing in Costa Rica, Abe has been honing his go-pro skills and making awesome video montages.

He’s now gone back and edited the footage from our time in the greatest country on the planet (Venezuela, USA, Switzerland). This video really captures the fun we had – I hope you enjoy watching it! See the high res version here, or check out the low res below:



St. Moritz – Top of the World!

We started our travels in St. Moritz, Switzerland because my family comes here every year. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. I may be biased as I did grow up in Switzerland, but I think you’d agree with me if you visited.

Here are 5 activities that we did, and that I’d recommend you do if you visit:

1) Ski (or snowboard, but I prefer you ski as snowboarders suck and cut skiers off). That’s the best part of being here. The slopes are beautiful and there are plenty of beautiful places to stop for a tasty Glühwein (hot spiced wine) or Schiwasser (hot water with strawberry/raspberry syrup, lemon, and kirsch).  I think the optimal ratio is 75% skiing, 25% chilling and drinking on the slopes, but whatever floats your boat.

Kev St. Moritz

{On the slopes – thanks to my cousin for the picture}

2) Go sledging. There are a few places you can go, and it’s easy to get there too. Take the train from St. Moritz to Preda and rent a sled. You can sled all the way to the next village, Berguns. Or you can go to Muottas Muragl, where the run is faster and more intense. I won’t be held liable if you die at Muottas Muragl though… There have been deaths in the past (no joke) but you’ll probably be fine.  Just call ahead to make sure they’re open.

Sled St. Moritz

{Us at the end of the sled run in Berguns}

3) If you’re not up to skiing or sledging (it happens to the best of us), go for a walk. There are many beautiful places in St. Moritz and the neighboring villages. I’d recommend you walk around the lake or to the Roseg. If you choose the latter, make a reservation at the Roseg restaurant at the end of the hike, and take a horse carriage back. I don’t understand people who want to exercise on a full stomach.

4) Ice skate. There are a couple ice rinks, including one in St. Moritz Bad (the lower part of the St. Moritz village) and one at the Kulm Restaurant. I vote in favor of the Kulm because I once broke my shoulder skating in the Bad, and will forever fear that ice rink.  Bring your own skates or rent them there. It’s a fun way to spend an hour or two, even if you’ve never skated before. Again, I won’t take responsibility for any broken bones (or death).

5) Take a curling lesson! Yes, it’s an olympic sport. No, I still don’t know why.  You can call the Curling Club to organize a class. It’s fun! It’s like bocce on ice. Check out a video of us curling! My sister and I are outstanding brushers, but my cousins Steven and Kevin deserve the credit for excellent shot and guidance. Seeing the losers get pissed is half the fun. I’ll omit telling you how badly we got beaten in the remainder of the game.

{Our curling lesson}