A new adventure begins!

Hi friends,

Mid-April already – time flies! It’s been nearly a year and a half since we returned to Florida. We bought a home, found jobs, and settled into a routine that’s about to change pretty drastically :)

As some of you know (mostly our Miami friends), Abe and I are beginning a new adventure this June. We’re really excited about this new chapter in our lives, which will become a little louder, a little more chaotic, and definitely filled with even more love.

I wanted to share Abe’s final video of our trip around the world, an amazing recap that makes me, well, think of all the stories and the adventures we experienced during our unforgettable year of travels.  We used this video to share our big news with our families back in November… I hope you enjoy it.  Check out the low res below, or see the high res here.


And for those of you still having some doubts… It’s a GIRL! :)



4 thoughts on “A new adventure begins!

  1. What an incredible memory of what seemed to be an unforgettable once in a lifetime trip!!! Great way to start your new adventure in June! Good luck with everything and don’t hesitate to call if you come to London!!!! Besos y un fuerte abrazo a Abe!
    Cariños, Pili y Eduardo.-

    1. Hi Eduardo! Thanks so much for your comment and good wishes. I have a feeling we’ll be traveling less for a while, but will definitely look you up next time we come to London. Hope you and your family are deliriously happy there!
      Un abrazo, Kim

  2. This is “big time” the most amazing blog I ever read! I couldn’t stop! Every picture and every clip (btw they are fun and amazing)
    Waw guys you know how to enjoy life!! Keep doing it and sharing it!
    See you soon! 😘

    1. Thank you Diana! So sweet of you. Glad you enjoyed reading our blog :) Thanks for being a part of our next adventure – un abrazo!

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