A Blind Bat on a Surfboard

We’re in Costa Rica! Pura Vida, mae!


We spend our first week here in Jacó, a beach town on the Pacific Ocean. Our home: The School of The World, a beautiful place filled with young people from all over the world.  Our time here has been filled with surfing, Spanish lessons (me), GoPro-ing (Abe), yoga (I did one class, but it sounds cool so I’ll mention it), wine, and awesome fruit.

So – let’s get to it then. Surfing.

First, you can’t really surf with contacts if you’re a beginner and not willing to lose a pair. So I was basically a blind bat on a surfboard. Which doesn’t sound very safe to me, but I’ll fast forward and let you know that I didn’t hurt anyone (except for myself) so you can breathe easy.

Surfing is tough! What a workout. Every day I was like:


Still, I did pretty well! Abe was better.  We both stood up on our boards (while in the water… obviously) during the first class, and improved (Abe) or stayed about the same (me) throughout the week. Any time I got up, it was “una fiesta en mi cabeza” (that’s what he said?).


The toughest part was paddling back out after surfing a wave. The waves just kept crashing on us. At least I gargled enough salt water to get over my cough from Switzerland.

Beyond surfing, we visited a bunch of beautiful places and beaches in the area, were stung by countless mosquitos and beach flies (no, really, my legs are like a disgusting ‘No Tresspassing’ land mine zone) and spoke a ton of Spanish. I’m getting much better!

I mentioned that Abe took a Go Pro class. Here is the amazing montage he made of our week here (I could be biased because I love him, but it’s the best video you’ll ever see). Even better than all my writing, this will really give you a feel of what our first week was like. The high res version is available here (it’s way better and will open a new window, so click the link to watch!), but I’ve added a low res version here just in case:


Hope you enjoyed reading about our first week in Costa Rica! We leave tomorrow and next up is Tamarindo. If you’ve been and have tips, please let us know in the comments below. Or just say hi, that’s cool too.


11 thoughts on “A Blind Bat on a Surfboard

  1. Buenísimo este post y el video! Que buen viaje! Sigan disfrutando. Cool Florencia y St. Moritz también. Los extrañamos pero que bien que están chileando por el mundo.

  2. Absolutely loved the video! Looks like you guys are having a blast (and the year is just beginning). Glad Kim got over the cough 😉

  3. You guys are so awesome for doing this trip! Congrats. Super happy & excited for you. I’ll be reading AND I love your updates so don’t stop. :) Hugs xx

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