Chaotic India – A trip down memory lane

We returned to the US in November, our world travels officially over. And, since some of you have asked: Yes,  it’s been a weird transition. Abe is already back at work, and I’m about to be. It’ll be strange going back to a working life routine after a year of being utterly, completely free. But don’t feel too bad for us: we have exciting adventures coming up, starting with buying our first home!

Taking 2015 off to travel was probably the best decision Abe and I have made. We discovered so much… And Abe filmed it all!  We skied the St.Moritz mountains, learned to surf in Costa Rica, wined and dined in Argentina, cruised among penguins in Patagonia, got a tan in Rio de Janeiro,  flew a hot air balloon in Turkey, boated through an ice lagoon in Iceland, danced the night away in Mykonos, ate apfel shtrudels in Vienna, cruised the Baltic with Abe’s parents, nearly fell off the cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and had hundreds of other adventures.

But there’s plenty missing from that list of course. So (drum roll please), allow me to present to you Abe’s newest masterpiece: our Indian adventures! Check our our video below, or see the high res here. The dashing Abe look-alike is his brother Simon, who joined us for 2 weeks. Enjoy!