What part of Eyjafjallajökull don’t you understand?

Dear friends – it’s been a month since my last confession post. But it’s ok, because it’s important that I manage your expectations regarding the frequency of my updates (after all, I’ve been told that low expectations are the key to happiness). Abe and I are now officially more than 7 months into our trip, and it’s time I started weaning you off anyway.  Can you believe there’s only 3½ months left to our travels? It’s freaking me out.

But I don’t want to whine about how my yearlong travels are too short for my taste. You might already secretly hate me a little for it, and I don’t want to make it worse. I’m not looking to get hate mail or anything. No, instead, I’d like to tell you about our Icelandic adventures.

Before I start though – I feel I should disclose that I’m skipping over a Nordic cruise with my parents-in-law. And I’m not skipping it because they’re secretly cruel to me and I couldn’t find anything nice to say. Quite the opposite. We had an amazing time, and you’d think I was just sucking up to them if I told you how much I loved discovering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland together. But the show must go on, or I’ll never get to recount Iceland and that happened over a month ago already. So I’ll just share a couple pictures of our Nordic trip, and then I’ll fast forward.

DSC_0419 {Formal dinner aboard the Eurodam}

DSC_0624{Being Vikings in Stockholm}

So, Iceland. We landed around midnight and it was still light out. We read that sunset should happen around 2AM, but as we found out a couple hours later, the sunset is somehow also the sunrise (does that make sense?) so it never actually gets dark out in the summer. Which was fine by us: it just meant more time to see stuff. Apparently though, Icelanders sometimes go a little crazy in the summer because they forget to get shut-eye and get ridiculously sleep deprived. Like that would ever happen to me. Maybe I should become a summertime sleep coach in Iceland – after all, I have all the necessary expertise and 27 years of impressive napping experience.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA{The beautiful iceberg lagoon near Vik}

Then again, I feel I could go crazy myself just listening to the Icelandic language. I’ve never heard a language that’s so crazy complicated. You can’t even try to pronounce the words you read. No, go ahead, really: I dare you. Read the store name in the picture below. Icelandic is probably the least sexy language in the world. It even beats German, and that’s an impressive feat.


Anyways, við skulum fara (that’s “let’s move on” in Icelandic). We spent 6 days in Iceland, where we drove an average of 500km per day. It’s an insanely beautiful country, and nature there just feels… powerful. There are crazy glaciers, crater lakes, volcanoes, cliffs, cascades, iceberg lagoons, fields packed with trotting Icelandic horses, and only a few little towns in between. Oh, and let’s not forget the many sulfuric geysers that look awesome but smell like rotten eggs. At first, I thought Abe had some serious farting issues. I’m #sorrynotsorry to admit it, but I blamed him for countless geyser stinks as we drove through the countryside. I do believe that he eventually started taking advantage of the situation and blamed geysers to cover up his farts, but he denies this so it’ll remain a mystery.

crater lake iceland{at an incredible crater lake}

I can’t really tell you about our Icelandic experience without mentioning that we went dogsledding on a glacier(!!) and boating in an iceberg lagoon(!!!). First, let me tell you about the dogs: they were adorably fluffy and so incredibly excited to go running. I wish I could muster half their excitement towards exercise – I’d be the fittest Swiss in Miami. It was funny though: the second the dogs started running, they all decided that they absolutely needed to pee and poop WHILE running, which they obviously couldn’t do, so they started tripping over each other and kept (unintentionally?) peeing on each other as they ran. That sounds to me like a pretty great incentive to run faster.

dogsledding iceland{our view from the sled}

Abe with dogs Iceland{Abe petting two of ‘our’ dogs.}

As for the iceberg lagoon… wow. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and the fact that there was an adorable seal lounging on icebergs and swimming around made it even more special. Beyond the more traditional explanations, our guide also told us that local guys (including himself) sometimes try to impress women by offering them small icebergs that they’ve pulled out of the water… That’s right, that’s how Icelanders attract potential mates. You only see the 10% that’s above the water, so you’re in for a real treat when he whips the whole thing out. Sexy… Luckily, you now have ice to cool yourself off.

seal in iceberg lagoon iceland{see the seal swimming around?}

Well, I think that accounts for most of our Icelandic trip. Oh, we also went to hear this guy in concert, and… well I think this actually changes things a bit. Disagree if you will, but I think he redeems the Icelandic language. It’s now back up above German on the language sexiness scale. And on that (musical) note, we’re off to continue our adventures!